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Mary Duggan
 I’m Mary Duggan, founder of Cockleshell Creative Coaching. I’ve been a therapist, a service manager, a strategic planner, a graphic recorder, and an artist. The thread that runs through my own story is creativity. My heartfelt mission is to connect you with your own creativity so that you can become the person you truly want to be.

I know that this isn’t always an easy or a straightforward journey. For many years, I drifted into opportunities with no real sense of where I was heading. Don’t get me wrong. I had a great time, met and worked with some inspiring people and helped a lot of people along the way. But something was missing.
I started to realise this the year that I was heading for a big ’0’ birthday (not saying which!). I wanted to hit that birthday feeling really great about myself and I did a lot of work that year to make sure that happened. And it did. I lost a load of weight. I wrote a novel. I learned how to make jewellery.

Then life happened. The weight went back on. The novel sat there, gathering dust. I did, however, keep on making jewellery!

Some years after that, I had a huge, life-changing event. After working in the same organisation for thirty years, I was made redundant. I won’t kid you, I went through several months of misery over this. I felt rejected, unwanted, a complete failure. Then I started to see how my life might turn around. Instead of exhausting myself working long hours on other people’s projects, I could start a whole new project— Project Becoming!

It was as if the Universe was giving me an opportunity to rethink my life and what I wanted to do with it.
Three years on, I have my own businesses. I am a practising artist—I make and sell jewellery. I work with public sector organisations on a consultancy basis. I coach individuals and groups of people in how to use their creativity to become their best selves.
If you would like to find out about how you can take your journey of growth and discovery further, then why not set up a free Clarity Call with me—just email me at—can’t wait to hear from you!

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"My mission is to connect you with your own creativity so you can become the person you truly want to be."
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Mary Duggan