Do you get idea overwhelm?
Creative Entrepreneur - The Idea Whisperer
 You have endless ideas that pop into existence , insisting that you do something  with them right now. This minute. It’s exciting, for sure. But it gets exhausting, doesn’t it?​​

You don’t want to lose sight of those precious ideas...but then you lose your focus on what you were just doing.

You want to act on your ideas but you don’t know which one to pick first. It isn’t always easy to see which ones are absolute gold and which ones are taking you down a rabbit hole. Again.

You end up with unfinished projects and a feeling that you could be doing so much more, if only you could organise those ideas.


The trouble is, you need a system. And you hate systems. You’re a free spirit! You don’t want to be tied down by tedious processes when you could be out there creating your magic!
But what if there was a system that was designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs like you? One that was quick and easy, and even fun to use?
Well, there is, and this is it. I created the Idea Whisperer series as a simple way of taming those wild ideas and corralling them safely.
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Mary Duggan