How to uncover the dreams that light you up and bring joy into your life


Three ways of telling that you've got a Dream-Snatcher...

Do you find it easier to use your energy for other people, not yourself?
  • Many people naturally put others first…their spouse or partner, their kids, their boss. For them, it often feels selfish to think about what they want out of life when other people need so much of their time.
Do you have dreams you hold back from because you don’t think you could make it?
  • Many people feel overwhelmed. They have so much that needs doing that following their own dreams just doesn’t feel realistic. It feels like just one more task to do and it doesn’t get done.
Do you find that life gets in the way of you doing the things you’d love to?
  • Some of us know from experience that any plans you might have go out of the window when life throws a spanner in the works.
Which of these sounds like you?

If any of them do, you are probably playing host to a Dream-Snatcher. These are the deep-rooted beliefs that hold us back from achieving our full potential.

What you need is a Dreamcatcher!
  Perhaps you have a career that you love but it’s not giving you the satisfaction it once did. You know that you could be achieving more, but you don’t know what direction to go in.
Possibly you’re at a point where your kids are ready to leave home and you’re dreading the gap that’s going to leave in your life.
Maybe you’re coming up to retirement. You’re ready for a change but as it gets closer you realise that you’re not sure what you’re actually going to do.
Perhaps you’re facing redundancy and you just can’t see beyond that last day at work. That happened to me too.
Does this seem like you?
It doesn’t have to be this way.

I was in a similar position – after thirty years in a career I loved, I was suddenly made redundant. But I found a great solution and because of that I decided to create Dreamcatcher.

The Dreamcatcher

Like it's Native American inspiration, the Dreamcatcher programme gives you the tools to capture the dreams that will help you to expand towards your best self.

It also recognises the Dream-Snatchers and shows you how to trap them and expose them to the light so that they weaken and disappear!
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What you'll get...

  • Discover or recover a dream that lights you up from inside
  • Uncover the beliefs and stories that have been holding you back and learn how to defeat them
  • Learn how to trust yourself and your inner sense of direction
  • Take charge of your life
Dreamcatcher starts on Monday 9th July and runs for 4 weeks

What's in the programme

  • A weekly , live, online coaching group with supporting workbooks – you’ll be using tools that I’ve tested out over the last thirty years
  • Two one to one private coaching sessions – you’ll get personal support from me
  • An email hotline direct to me to send me your questions and give feedback – I’ve got your back
  • A private Facebook group to share support and inspiration and to celebrate breakthroughs and victories – if you want to go far, go together!
Later on this summer, this course will be priced at $497
For this time only, the pilot is at a price of $197
Of course, you don’t have to do this!
There’s nothing stopping you trying to do this for yourself.

It’s not impossible.

  • If you’re willing to take the time to search for the right tools and techniques, they are out there.

  • The down-side of doing it alone is that without support and accountability, it’s very easy to let things slide.
  • You can decide that you’re fine, just as you are.

  • And that’s fine, so long as you truly believe that not finding your dream now won’t bring regrets in the future.

Some time after I'd started to put the work in to follow my dreams, my son told me how proud he was of me and what I was doing.

Imagine how you'll feel when your own children holding you up as a role model and you know that you've shown by example that life is too precious to settle for less.
But the biggest cost of not doing this is your unfulfilled dreams – the things you could have done that would have brought joy into your life.
The system I’ve developed is based on over 30 years’ experience as a highly successful therapist and strategist.

It’s based on a deep understanding of people’s unique motivational pattern, of limiting beliefs and of kick-ass planning.
Some of the things that people say about working with me…
"The best part of working with Mary is her calm, clear, perceptive presence. She gets to the heart of the matter rapidly and accurately."

"The momentum I gained through our coaching sessions was quite intense!"

"Investing in coaching with Mary made me wake up to the way I was working. It actually gave me more time - I began to set goals and targets and focus on meeting them."

The deepest value of the outcomes you’ll experience is the joy that will start to appear in your life as you claim your dream and start to move steadily towards it.

Imagine no longer feeling resentment that you don’t get to fulfil your own wonderful potential.

Picture yourself all lit up with excitement about the path you are following.


If at the end of Week 2, you feel that this course hasn’t fulfilled its promises and did not represent value for your investment, then so long as you've engaged with the material and given it your best shot, I’ll refund your money. No hard feelings.

But what if...

“I don’t have enough time."
  • People who have worked with me have found that their attention and focus sharpens up so that they stop scattering their time and energy.
“I don’t have enough money."
  • What if it’s possible that learning how to recognize your dream and trust your inner direction-finder might make it easier for you to attract the income you desire?
“It won’t work for me."
  • The tools that I use in the Dreamcatcher programme have helped people turn their lives around from being paralyzed by depression or anxiety to being successful and building the lives they wanted for themselves. These tools work. Also, I don’t believe that there is only one dream out there for us, in this amazing universe! Right from the start, you’ll start to recover the dreams that you had when you were younger and discover many, many more options that are open to you.
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Because this is the first time I'm running Dreamcatcher, I’m keeping it very small so that I can give participants plenty of attention, and there are only sixteen places available.

It's a live course. If you can't make it to one of the coaching sessions, they will be recorded.

Your last opporunity to sign up and make a life-changing transformation is 11.59pm (GMT) on Friday 6th July and after that, this pilot won’t be available at the same price ever again.
Have questions? Email me at [email protected] and I’ll get right back to you!

About me...

 I had a great career, that I loved. I worked as a therapist, with people with mental health problems and then I moved into strategic planning and project management. Then suddenly I was made redundant. I felt as though I had been knocked off my feet. I had no idea what to do next.
Then I realized that this was my great chance to use the creative and practical tools that I already had to turn my life around. I started to get really clear about my dreams and began to understand why they were so important to me. I started, step by step, to take concrete action to move closer to those dreams.

Actively following my dreams in a systematic way has brought so much joy into my life – I’d love to help you to do that too.