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are you ready
to take your next step
to creating serious
clarity in your business? 

Does your business throw so much at you that you can find it hard to remember where you're headed for?  

Imagine clearing away the clutter and getting some serious clarity about where you're going and the steps you need to take to get there!

s it sometimes hard to connect with the excitement and joy that you felt when you first started out in business?

Picture how it's going to feel to fall in love with your beautiful business all over again!

Do you feel swamped and overwhelmed? Has the sparkle gone out of things?

Think about how a complete energy re-boot will feel!

 A few years ago, I started running Vision Board workshops. People loved the way that they could apply some creativity to figuring out the things that are really important to them in life. I started getting some great emails from participants about how the dreams on their Vision Boards were beginning to materialise.

I decided to create something similar for people in business. 

I began to see how I could combine right-brain creativity and intuition with left-brain prioritising and planning to create a really special experience that begins withVision and ends with Action.

I ran the first Envision Your Business workshops last year and they were hugely successful. People were amazed at the level of clarity they achieved in just one day.

And that clarity really does translate into action.

One of the participants was making progress on her book, but it sounded as though it might be going to take quite a while. The other week, just a couple of months on, she sent me a link to her pre-order page on Amazon! When I congratulated her, she said 'In your workshop I suddenly got this amazing clarity about what I needed to do - and I did it!'
Envision your Business is a one-day VIP retreat for women in business -creative and heart-centred entrepreneurs like YOU who want to step away from the day to day detail for a short space so they can do some work on their business rather than in their business.


Friday 12th July  10:00 - 4:30
The Art House
Drury Lane
Wakefield WF1 2TE
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What you will get...

A full day to focus on your business - with no interruptions or distractions.

You will create a beautiful picture of what you want your business to be:

  • The Business Value Map will reconnect you with the energy that drives everything you do
  • Explore what you want your business to BE, DO and HAVE and rediscover your business's passionate heart
  • Create your Business Manifesto with a powerful and clear message about what you deliver
  • Bring it all together with your Vision in a Box - your personal source of daily inspiration and direction

You will build a completely do-able plan that will take you through the next twelve months and beyond:

  • In the Zone will uncover where you've been focusing your energy, and how that's working for you
  • Re-align your energy with a powerful Pattern Interrupt
  • Choose your personal Five Ps - your strategic priorities
  • Design your Action Map and prioritise your actions, quarter by quarter

Because you're special and this is a VIP day, you'll get a pack of resources and goodies to take away with you.

It doesn't end there...because I don't want you to lose momentum!

You'll get a weekly newsletter to give you a quick energy boost.

You'll get my direct access email address for a bit of encouragement and accountability along the way.
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What people said about this workshop...

"WOW - that's the feeling I was left with after spending the day with you on Saturday. I truly believe the Universe delivers the right people to us at the right time and I am so grateful to you for putting together such an inspiring workshop (though it felt less like a workshop and more of a chat with close friends." - Cat Y, Digital Marketing Coach and Author

“ Amazing session with Mary Duggan. After walking through the door with a vague plan for 2019 I now feel enlightened with a real sense of direction. Mary’s retreat stimulates you and gives you the mental space to really think about your why, what makes you tick and what you really want your business to stand for. With Mary’s amazing support I feel I have real clarity on what I need to do and stop doing to make 2019 my year” - Vanessa J, Furniture Designer

What's my investment?

You will get a full day of focus, inspiration and support

You will get a huge energy boost from spending time with creative, heart-centred entrepreneurs like yourself

You will get all of the resources you need to build a rock-solid plan to keep you on track for the next twelve months and beyond...and more!

Typically, I charge around £497 or more for a one-day event. Because this is still quite new, I'm offering it at a one time only price of £147.
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questions people ask...

 Isn't it a lot of ground to cover in just one day?
I've cherry-picked the exact activities you need to give you a clear vision and a do-able plan. No wasting time on business theory - we'll get stuck straight into the good stuff!

What if I just get swamped by all the the day to day stuff again?
That's why the plan is short, sweet and ultra-clear...and why you have my email address for those SOS moments!

What if I haven't got time to do this? I'm rushed off my feet as it is!
If this is how you're feeling right now (and aren't we all!) then this is exactly the right time for a Spring Energy Retreat! You will find out how to get more done with less effort.

What if I can't afford to do this?
What if realigning your work with your values makes you the person your ideal clients will be falling over themselves to work with?

Will this really work for my business?
Because this workshop re-connects you with your core values and reminds you what you want your business to BE, what you want it to DO, the results you want it to have, it fits perfectly. The workshop focuses on YOU!

Couldn't I just do this myself?
Sure you could. But then, if you could do this all by yourself, what's got in the way of you doing it already? 
You know how hard it is to carve out some me-time in your business. It is almost impossible to lift your head up and look at your vision when your nose is to the grindstone!
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